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About Us

KOJIS GLOBAL SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED is a privately owned Engineering, Construction, Installation & Maintenance, procuring and Consulting Firm established in the first quarter of the year 2005 as a limited Company. This company operated as KOJIS GLOBAL SERVICES since the first quarter of the year, 2000 as a registered Business Organization until it was incorporated in the year, 2005 with the Registration Certificate, R. C. 618910 with her Head Office at 120, Ahoda Road. Omoku – Oneiga, Rivers state of Nigeria. KOJIS being a contractor to the NNPC/NIPEX Group in the specialized category is in a position of professional leadership in her field, based on an established record of professional excellence and prompt/adequate response to her noble clients’ needs in Nigeria/Abroad

our commitment

KOJIS GLOBAL SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED is a privately owned Engineering, Construction, installation and Maintenance, Procuring and consulting Firm established in Nigeria several years (approaching two decades) ago.
KOJIS being a prequalified Contractor by the NNPC/NIPEX in Specialized Category is in position of professional leadership in her field based on an established record of Professional excellence and prompt / adequate response to her Client needs evident in the successful completion of many Projects in timely / orderly manner. KOJIS as a Construction lead, implement Program with ·SAFETY FIRST" as top priority. KOJIS while enormously contributing viably to the economic growth to her Noble Client also ensures implementation of requisite Standards for maximum safety to Man, Environment & Equipment towards enhancing Improved / optimum productivity.
KOJIS Co-ordinate numerous activities 'WITHOUT COMPROMISING STANDARDS' at Work Site to achieve overall program status Objective. KOJIS TEAM Work with overall safety consciousness as a priority towards delivering good quality services. KOJIS abides by all the Regulations, Standards & Codes In the QUALITY CONTROL & QUALITY ASSURANCE POUCY in accordance to ISO 9001 2008; ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001:2007.

our vision

KOJIS GLOBAL SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED was duly registered with Federal Government of Nigeria and further obtained valid D.P.R licence; Electrical/Instrument wiring & installation licence; NNPC- NAPINS/NIPEX PERMIT in specialized category with many scheduled products and services to satisfy the fledging oil and Gas, Engineering Industrial sector of the Economy, hence, the company is occupied by a Team of highly and professionally, experienced, dedicated, qualified Engineers & Experts, Technicians/ Technocrats and Crafts men to rendering thorough and efficient services on request as required too to meet up with REGULATIONS, STANDARDS, SPECIFICATIONS, and CODES spelt out in the ISO 9001 2008; ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001: 2007 while accommodating cost effectiveness in the project

our mission

Our company is commited to delievibg the best engineering service obtainable anywhere in the world. We see the world from the perspective that customer satisfaction is the greatest good. Hence, we deploy the best of our human resources and equiptment in every project we undertake. This to ensure a consistency with the honourable reputation we have already built for ourselves over the years and that our vision for excellent service delivery is actualised.

quality policy

Kojis Global Services Nigeria Limited [KGS] is committed to the provision of Engineering, consultancy and procurement services, which consistently conform to our customer’s specified requirement and meet applicable national and international regulatory, codes and standards.
To achieve this, it is the policy of Kojis Global Services Nigeria Limited [Kgs] to establish and maintain an elective and efficient quality management system within an environment for continuous improvement.
We actually complete strategic review of our performance customer’s satisfaction indicator and formally generate quality objectives and target in line with our group corporate quality objectives.
Employees at all levels in our organization shall be made aware of the company’s quality policy and their individuals roles in our overall bid to achieving the main. The quality policy and objectives are regularly reviewed for continued suitability.